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6th Annual Northwest School of Guitar Spring Recital, May 20, 2000

Riverside Grange, Mount Vernon,WA

Thanks to everyone for making this year's recital truly memorable. I'm still learning how to use my new camera so many of the shots taken were out of focus. Here are the best of the rest!

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morgan miller.jpg (33494 bytes) Morgan Miller

blues.jpg (40272 bytes) Ryan Bartley and Bill Tangren playing "Grange Hall Blues".

brandy kester.jpg (27498 bytes) Brandy Kester

dust in the wind.jpg (51264 bytes) J.R. Galagana with Thom playing "Dust in the Wind".

guests 3.jpg (54940 bytes) Photographer's row

guests.jpg (90151 bytes) What a crowd!

ghostriders.JPG (34338 bytes) Cory Vincent and Stuart Nash play "Ghostriders in the Sky".

lidabeth and dilys.jpg (48065 bytes) Lidabeth Hicks and Dilys Coleman

marcus nevitt.jpg (23283 bytes) Marcus Nevitt

pipeline.jpg (50272 bytes) Todd Derosier, Nick Byrd, and Thom play "Pipeline".

sam and larry.jpg (39637 bytes) Sam Carpenter and Larry Maksin play "All Blues".

walk don't run.jpg (52445 bytes) Richard Lee, Troy Sato, Aaron Anderson, Thom, and Larry Maksin play "Walk Don't Run".

smooth.jpg (48528 bytes) Wyatt Russ, Riley Wilson, Erin Hively, Jeff Mersereau, and Larry Maksin play "Smooth".


byline.gif (1884 bytes)